Private lessons - pitching, fielding, catching, throwing, fundamentals of baseball and softball for ages 6 and up. Call to book lessons: 203-894-1736 or send eMail to espinosabaseball@gmail.com.

Joe Espinosa - One-on-One Lessons
Espinosa Online Academy
  • Single Hour – $125
  • Series of Six Hours – $725
  • Series of Ten Hours – $1150
Paul Borella - One-On-One Lessons

Private Lessons

  • Single Hour – $100
  • Single Half Hour – $50
  • Series of Six Hours – $570
  • Series of Ten Hours – $1150


  1. Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor
  2. 12 years of experience working with hitters in the Epstein system
  3. 15 years of Fast-Pitch Softball coaching experience
  4. Retired from the New York State Police after 32 years of service

From Paul: During the past 15 years I have seen too many young players struggle because of their approach to hitting. Many of their struggles are due to mis-information that has been passed down through the years and has taken the fun out of playing for them. I have a passion for the game and a desire to help struggling players to hit and compete at a higher level.